Our Training

A practice of racial equity requires ongoing learning and self-reflection.

Race Forward offers comprehensive, interactive training to individuals, groups, organizations, and government agencies committed to taking action for racial justice and a multiracial democracy. 

We understand that in order to do this work, people must be able to talk about it with normalized language, shared understandings, and a true desire to operationalize racial equity practices and policies.

Our training is designed to help participants build a shared racial analysis, apply shared tools, develop shared relationships, and move toward a shared vision for racial justice and multiracial democracy.

We offer individual, group, organizational, and customized training. 


Training Offerings:

Racial Equity Training Series

Our Racial Equity Training series is designed to meet the user where they are and to advance their analysis and implementation of racial equity in their practice and everyday life. This collection of interactive sessions provides participants with an understanding of key racial equity concepts and tools to challenge structural racism.  We also offer a train-the-trainer session for those interested in learning to train others.

Racial Equity Training Series

H.E.A.L. Together Training Series

Students, parents, teachers, and community members learn how to foster the growth of resilient and equitable public schools through this public training series. Topics covered include student organizing, integrating cultural inclusivity into curricula, and budgeting and policymaking for equity.

HEAL Training Series

Training for Government Employees

Tailored for people working within government, this interactive training provides an introduction to advancing racial equity by normalizing it as a core value, operationalizing it through new policies and practices, and organizing for equity both internally and with other institutions.

Training for Government Employees
Do you have early bird rates for trainings?

Early Bird rates are available in a few locations until a month before the event. Only full-price tickets are available within a month leading to the event.

Do you offer scholarships for your trainings?

Yes, we do. For scholarship applications and any questions, email the Building Racial Equity team at [email protected].

Is there a price difference between training a group of individuals and training organizations?

Yes, there is a difference in the cost of the training, depending on the size of the training, the venue for the training, and the actual training itself. If you are interested in group or organizational training, please complete our intake form.

Where can I find more information about organizational trainings?

For more information on organizational training and development, please see our services for organizations.