Creating Cultures and Practices for Racial Equity

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By Nayantara Sen & Terry Keleher


Creating Cultures and Practices for Racial Equity contains a variety of tools that emerged from Race Forward’s Racial Equity in the Arts Innovation Lab to help artists, arts advocates, culture bearers, and cultural workers to imagine, plan, and implement racial equity strategies in arts organizations.

Whether an arts or cultural practitioner already working with a racial equity team and plan or just beginning the journey towards organizational transformation, these tools can help guide, focus, and reinvigorate efforts.

Using a racial equity tool helps give deliberate attention to racial and social justice. These tools can be used to make strategic and equitable decisions in assessing existing or proposed policies, practices, plans, programs, grantmaking, contracting, budgets, etc.

This toolkit includes:

  • Useful terms
  • Guides, worksheets, and activities for
    • Racial impacts and equitable outcome assessments
    • Decision making
  • And more

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