Partnering with Federal Agencies to Advance Racial Equity

May 12, 2022

By Jessica Pizarek, C. Zan Wildwood and Carlton Eley

Cover: Three people hugging, one facing camera. “Partnering with Federal Agencies to Advance Racial Equity” by Jessica Pizarek, C. Zan Wildwood, Carlton Eley.

Partnering with Federal Agencies to Advance Racial Equity is a report by Race Forward and PolicyLink  that describes the work that commenced in partnership with federal agency offices, considers observations and lessons learned along the way, and discusses efforts that must continue at the federal level to fully realize the intentions of the executive order and move this country toward a more racially just future.

Race Forward and PolicyLink co-led a Racial Equity Governing Pilot Project with federal agencies in the fall and winter of 2021 and 2022. This report discusses critical elements of these partnership pilots and lessons to inform and support the longer term aspirations of the federal government to become actively antiracist. 

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