Who is an American? Race Forward believes that the the answer should not be an “accident of birth” but a reflection reality. Millions of immigrants make this country their home, contribute to it's wellbeing— it's political, social and civic fabric. However, our policies work to criminalize and demonize immigrant communities, separate families and exploit labor. To build a United States that values all Americans, we need immigration laws that protect people rather than attack them.


Reasserting Justice Toolkit

April 15, 2006
Despite a surge in discrimination, the crisis for immigrant and refugee communities remains relatively invisible to the general public.

Mapping the Immigrant Infrastructure

April 15, 2006

Dramatic demographic changes in the U.S. population, evidenced by the 2000 census, have generated a lot of excitement about the potential for multicultural community building.

We Are All Suspects Now

April 13, 2006
We Are All Suspects Now reveals the human cost of the domestic war on terror and examines the impact of post 9/11 policies on those targeted because of immigration status, nationality, and religion. Learn more about the book here

U.S. No Longer a Refuge for Poor, Huddled Masses

April 13, 2006
By Tram Nguyen, Executive Editor, ColorLines magazine. It's a terrible time to be a refugee. Nearly 30 years ago, refugee policy provided a political weapon in the war against communism, as it does now in the war against terrorism. The difference is that today's government assumes that refugees are themselves the terrorists.