Who is an American? Race Forward believes that the the answer should not be an “accident of birth” but a reflection reality. Millions of immigrants make this country their home, contribute to it's wellbeing— it's political, social and civic fabric. However, our policies work to criminalize and demonize immigrant communities, separate families and exploit labor. To build a United States that values all Americans, we need immigration laws that protect people rather than attack them.


Shattered Families

Nov 2, 2011
Silhouette of parent and two children, an arrow pointing to family with parent labeled “deported” and children labeled “foster care.”

Revisit Race Forward's groundbreaking national research on the perilous intersection of immigration enforcement and the child welfare system, which is resulting in the separation of thousands of families across the U.S. — in many cases, permanent separation.

The New Culture War

Jul 24, 2006

In the ongoing battle over immigration, conservative rhetoric continues to escalate. It's racist, and it gets results.  Here, then, are the six racist myths driving the immigration debate, dispelled.  

The Price of the Ticket

May 2, 2006

There is little question that the current immigration debate, though coded and contrived otherwise, is entirely about race.

Immigration Plan is Way Off the Mark

May 1, 2006

President Bush's promise to overhaul the U.S. immigration system is a disaster in the making.

Mejorando las Probabilidades para los Immigrantes y la Educacion en Lenguajes-de-Minorias* Programa

Apr 15, 2006

Prohibienod las Averiguaciones de Estatus Migratorio por Empleados del Gobierno.* Ordenanza Numero 1

Apr 15, 2006

Proporcionando Acceso Equitativo a los Servicios Publicos para los Residentes con capacidad limitada

Apr 15, 2006

Improving the Odds for Immigrant and Language-Miinority Education Bilingual Certification Program, S

Apr 15, 2006

Prohibiting Immigration Status Inquiries by Government Employees Ordinance Number 121063, Seattle, W

Apr 15, 2006

Providing Equal Access to Public Services for Limited English Proficient Residents Intro38A: Equal A

Apr 15, 2006