Education & Youth

Do you believe that children are our future?  So does Race Forward.  Unfortunately, our education system is a disservice to people of color, denying them adequate knowledge and skills for a 21st century job market. 

The following resources illustrate the importance of closing the gap on racial disparities in education and provides important information for exposing the inequities that afflict U.S. public schools.

Facing the Consequences

April 13, 2006

An Examination of Racial Discrimination in U.S. Public Schools. © Applied Research Center, March 2000. Principal Researchers: Rebecca Gordon, Libero Della Piana, & Terry Keleher.

Public Schools in the United States: Some History

April 13, 2006

This may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but not all countries have free public schools. In many countries, people have to pay to send their kids to school not only to college, but to high school and even grade school.


April 13, 2006
Standards for Excellence and Equity in Public Education. Public education doesn’t need politically inspired gimmicks like exit exams or vouchers.