Derek Chauvin Sentenced; But the Road to Justice and Real Police Accountability Continues: Race Forward Calls for a Transformed System

More than a year after Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, the former police officer was sentenced today to 22.5 years in prison.

While this sentencing does not represent the maximum sentence of 30 years as asked for by the prosecutor and the Floyd Family, it is significantly more than the 199 days time served and probation asked for by the defense.  We also know the sentence does not bring George Floyd back, nor does it make the U.S. criminal justice system any more just.

In the wake of continued killings of Black and Brown people, like My’Kiah Bryant, Daunte Wright, Andrew Brown, and Adam Toledo, Race Forward calls for greater urgency in reimagining public safety in a way that values, safeguards, and invests in the lives and communities of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander people. As we call for the convictions of police officers who brutalize our communities, we also call for collective action to dismantle structural racism. 

It is not until we abolish oppressive systems and invest in the health and dignity of all people of color, that true justice will be served. 

To ensure freedom for communities of color, we demand accountability and a completely transformed system.