California Legislative Report Card Released

Oakland, CA—The Applied Research Center (ARC), an Oakland-based public policy and research institute, is releasing a report next week on the voting record of California's legislature and its governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. California's New Majority: 2004 Legislative Report Card on Race identifies ten bills in the 2004 legislative session that represent the most direct positive impact on communities of color in the state.

The report then grades each member of the State Assembly and State Senate, as well as the Governor, on their voting record for the bills. "Race has become a key factor in California's legislative agenda," said Tammy Johnson, Director of the Race and Public Policy Project of ARC and editor of the report. "This is the first report to look comprehensively at the racial equity record of the legislature."

The report and its findings will be released on February 24. The report will make recommendations for future legislation on racial equity to the California Legislature and the Governor's office.

Press Conference Call-in

Tammy Johnson and the report's author, Menachem Krajcer, will be available for questions on a toll-free conference call on the day of the release, Thursday, February 24 at 10:00 am Pacific Time. The number is 800-251-4580.

All callers will be on hold until the press conference begins. After a brief presentation of the report's findings and recommendations, there will be a question-and-answer period.

Call Gina Acebo, RAPP Field Director, at 510-653-3415 x346 if you have trouble with the call-in number or need further instructions.