Advancing Racial Equity: A Framework for Federal Agencies

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By Anja Rudiger, Ph.D.


Advancing Racial Equity: A Framework for Federal Agencies has emerged from years of work with local and state governments across the country by Race Forward’s Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE). This report describes the components of a racial equity approach and walks practitioners and leaders in the federal government through key actions and the challenges they will face as they embark on implementing racial equity strategies.

The framework is centered on the key components of visualizing, normalizing, organizing, and operationalizing racial equity. These components form a cycle of practice and learning that should be repeated and deepened as this work gains traction and is built out. The report also includes an overview of racial equity tools that can be tailored to serve the purpose of federal agencies.

It is the responsibility of government to build a stronger, deeper democracy that brings the values of equity and justice to life. There are immediate and straightforward steps that federal agencies can and should take to begin advancing racial equity. All federal public servants should feel emboldened to take up this long-term endeavor with the understanding they are joining a growing field of practice.

While the challenges in achieving racial equity are great, so too are the opportunities. There is a rich body of knowledge, good practices, models, and lessons available from local and state jurisdictions to support federal agencies in taking action. By leveraging the tried-and-tested actions outlined in this report federal agencies level up outcomes for people of color while improving socioeconomic outcomes for all.

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