Episode 10: Season Finale: Building Power with DEMOS President K. Sabeel Rahman and Recognizing a Historic Win in North Carolina

In our season finale, Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman joins Hiba and Chevon for an exciting conversation addressing racial and economic inequities to boldly fight for the future of American democracy. Sabeel shares his experiences growing up as a first generation Muslim Bangladeshi- American to become an Associate Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School and his current role, leading the innovative work at Demos. 

In the conversation, Sabeel talks to our hosts about the inspiration behind his books, Democracy Against Domination, and Civic Power, his take on the fight for constitutional law to be applied equitably, and the important reconciliatory work that will be essential beyond the November election. 

Chevon and Hiba also talk about the recent win in Asheville, North Carolina which will see the city provide investment based reparations to its Black residents, and give a big shout out to our GARE (Government Alliance on Racial Equity) team members for their important contributions in this step towards racial justice. 

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Season Two of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast will premiere in mid-August, but in the meantime, stay tuned for a special bonus episode about our upcoming Facing Race 2020 announcement! 


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Hendel Leiva and Melissa Franqui

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