Episode 03: Discussing Felony Disenfranchisement with Nicole Porter from The Sentencing Project + GO VOTE!

With one week to go until the 2020 Presidential Election, Hiba and Chevon bring you an election season-themed episode for you to listen to as you make plans to vote [before, or on] Tuesday November 3rd! 

In this episode, Chevon and Hiba are joined by Nicole Porter, Director of Advocacy for The Sentencing Project,  who talks about the newly-released report Locked Out 2020: Estimates of People Denied Voting Rights Due to a Felony Conviction. The report reveals “5.2 million Americans [that] are forbidden to vote because of felony disenfranchisement, or laws restricting voting rights for those convicted of felony-level crimes.” Nicole also talks about her work managing The Sentencing Project’s state and local advocacy efforts on sentencing reform, voting rights, and eliminating racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and provides personal anecdotes to highlight the importance of each of these topics. 

Hiba and Chevon also discuss recent events in culture in the lead-up to the presidential election, including Ice Cube’s recent controversial meeting with the Trump Administration to promote his “Contract With Black America”, and P. Diddy’s endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden––a reversal from his “Hold The Black Vote” stance earlier this year. In this context, Chevon talks about the importance of creating your own advocacy efforts and how voting is “one lever we can pull” in the broader fight for racial justice. 

Also, BIG. NEWS. 

Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast will have a special LIVE post-election episode at Facing Race: A National Virtual Conference taking place Tuesday, November 10th. Join us for the largest multiracial, intergenerational, gathering of racial justice movement making, where podcasting will be featured for the very first time as part of the programming!


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Nicole Porter 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/nicoleporter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicoleporter


Executive Producers: 

Hendel Leiva, Cheryl D. Cato Blakemore


Associate Producer/ Editor: Kendy Solis

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