Episode 02: Leaning Into The “Dave Chappelle/ Netflix” Controversy With Dr. John Paul Higgins

In the midst of the continued fallout from Dave Chapelle’s transphobic jokes from his Netflix comedy special, Hiba and our guest co-host Dennis are here to break it all down – and have the important conversation around narrative, free speech, and the link to potential hate speech/ actions. 

Social justice leader and media critic Dr. John Paul Higgs (they/them) joins us to talk about their article “Why Netflix Deserves Some of the Heat for Dave Chapelle’s Transphobic Comments.” Throughout the conversation Dr. Higgins touches on important topics such as the erasure of Black trans people, the damaging narratives and tropes that are still being leveled against trans, queer, and non-binary folk, and “real” accountability versus “cancel culture.”

Update: Chevon will return from her sabbatical and will be on the next episode of Momentum –– a big thank you to Dennis for filling in!

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