Episode 01: Season Premiere: “It’s 12:01 For Our Racial Justice Movements” with Eric K. Ward

On the Season 3 premiere of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Western States Center Executive Director and Race Forward Senior Fellow Eric Ward joins us to ground and center us, and you, our listeners, in our racial justice work!

Update: Hiba is back from sabbatical, and now Chevon is taking her well-deserved time off, and in the meantime, Dennis is back to fill in! 

Hiba and Dennis open the episode with a short recap of recent happenings –– the Delta COVID-19 variant, Climate Change/flooding in NYC, the ongoing fight over critical race theory being taught in schools, and refugee resettlement efforts triggered by global events. 

Holding all this, Dennis and Eric have a conversation inspired by Grace Lee Boggs’ quote “what time is it in the clock of the world”, and what it means for the hurdles we are facing as racial justice practitioners. 

Eric also discusses the urgent work of racial equity, how work towards a multiracial democracy is the alternative to the spread of white nationalism, the case study of the city of Portland, and extremist backlash and insurgencies, and how we can use that backlash as fuel to carry us forward in our work to “12:02AM”. 


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Bulldog Shadow (Spotify)

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