Training Series 2.0


Join us this fall for our second virtual public training series for students, educators, and parents who want strong, equitable public schools. Series sessions will be led by H.E.A.L. Together team members, our partners, and subject matter experts.

Nearly 1,800 people participated in our first virtual public training series, and of those participants who responded to our survey 90% found the training series either a good or a great use of their time.

“It was great to hear about the work of different groups doing organizing around the country.” - First virtual public training series participant

“[I] liked that broad vision [and] deep analysis were paired with concrete organizing nuts and bolts.” - First virtual public training series participant

If you have questions or need resources from the training series, please email us at [email protected]     

Saturday, Sept 17: The Power of Student Organizing

Youth across the country are refusing to cave into the far-right’s manufactured controversies on race, gender, and sexual orientation and are proactively organizing for equity and justice, not just in their local schools, but also in their states. Learn what works from youth organizations that have started organizing high schoolers within different structures and contexts across the country so that you can help build youth power.

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Led by Ana Mercado from Race Forward, with our partners at Georgia Youth Justice Coalition, Reparations for Black Students in Oakland, and Student Voice

Tuesday, Sept 20: Back To School: Parents, Students and Educators Advancing for Democracy in Public Education

Hear how our parents, students, and educators are organizing their communities through a listening project to advance democracy on a school district level in North Carolina. You’ll hear directly from the organizers leading H.E.A.L. Together North Carolina, which is anchored by the Education Justice Alliance (NC) and We Are Downhome (NC). Also we will hear from Adam Ukman from Parents Together on how parents are being targeted by those who wish to dismantle public education and what parents have said they actually want. Learn about the need for parental involvement to promote stronger and healthier public schools.

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Led by Asma Elhuni from Race Forward, our partners at We Are Down Home NCEducation Justice Alliance (NC), and including Adam Ukman from Parents Together

Thursday, Oct 6The Politics of Division: Understanding Far-Right’s Culture War Playbook on Race and Gender

The main architect behind the anti-Critical Race Theory attacks is manufacturing a new culture war against what he calls “radical gender theory.” Chris Rufo and his ultra-right conspirators are villainizing any recognition of the existence of LGBTQIA+ children and families – whether it’s using language that affirms their identity or advocating against bullying – calling it “grooming”. These attacks extend to teaching comprehensive sex ed and even social-emotional learning in school. Learn the historical origins of this new page in the far-right’s playbook. And listen to youth and advocates who are working to protect children from this vitriol.   

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Led by Imadé Borha from NYU Metro Center and joined by our partners, Victoria Kirby-York from the National Black Justice Coalition, Alyssa Bowen from True North Research, and the Georgia Youth Justice Coalition.

Tuesday, Oct 18: How Culturally Inclusive is Your Curriculum?

Since public schools began, a shameful lack of racial diversity in public school curriculum has upheld institutional racism and prevented diverse students from understanding themselves, each other, and our pluralistic society. Research shows that a culturally responsive and sustaining curriculum can create a positive and affirming learning environment for students of all backgrounds; yet, this year’s right-wing attacks on public schools have further pushed school districts to exclude essential stories from marginalized communities. In this workshop, we take a look at the three most commonly used elementary English Language Arts curricula across the US and see how they rate on cultural responsiveness. Join us to learn how you can assess your own district’s curriculum and make changes that will impact student learning and achievement.

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Led by Flor Khan at NYU Metro Center and our partners at Diversify Our Narrative

Tuesday, Nov 1: Confronting White Nationalism in Schools

Across the U.S., reports of white nationalism and anti-democracy organizing are on the rise. Because public schools are democratic institutions and hubs of our communities, they are also targets for bigoted groups and recruitment sites for white nationalists targeting young people. In this workshop, our partners at the Western States Center will share strategies to counter organized bigotry through sample scenarios that schools frequently encounter.

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Led by Lindsay Shubiner and Adrienne van der Valk at Western States Center.

Tuesday, Nov 15Community Schools: A Game Changer For Public Education

Public school workers are on the front lines every day, struggling to meet diverse student needs amidst increasing social crises and decreasing support. We need to defend public schools from attack, but we also need to transform them into the schools our students deserve. Transformation requires a vision, and a method - what are the schools we are fighting for, and what does it take to create them? Come learn about the Community School model: a bottom-up, strengths-based approach to school transformation. Community Schools are places where students, families, staff, and community members come to feel ownership over their neighborhood public school. They bring together the skills, wisdom and resources of educators, families, and community members to address barriers to learning (hunger, stress, mistrust, insecure housing, lack of medical care) so that every child’s full attention is available to learn, inquire, try, and grow.

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Led by Anna Grant, Organizer, NEA Strategic Campaign Institute for Community Schools and Aisha Blanchard-Young, California Teachers Association

Wednesday, Nov 30: Policymaking & Budgeting for Greater Equity: Ideas from Public School Leaders

Policymakers who want to build and protect equity in their public schools often face many challenges – from soliciting community input, to addressing diminished state and local funding, to meeting the increasing needs of their students. This training will share strategies, case studies, budget processes, and model policies developed in districts around the country that tackle critical issues like:

  • Supporting learners with disabilities
  • Advancing equity in contracting and procurement
  • Reforming school culture and disciplinary practices
  • Promoting culturally responsive curricula

Additionally, the training will promote a new resource from HEAL Together for school board members and public school administrators featuring model district policies on these and other topics.

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Led by Anastasia Ordonez at Race Forward and our partners at Local Progress