H.E.A.L. Together Toolkit

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This is a campaign planning and narrative toolkit to win the fight for honest, accurate, and fully funded public education that is the foundation for a just, multiracial democracy.

Cover for Toolkit for Organizing Your Community. Uniting Our Communities for Strong Schools and a Multiracial Democracy

Everyone who believes in strong schools and educational equity has a role to play — especially the students, parents, and educators who are most impacted by the culture wars in our schools. This toolkit will help you call your community to action.

Please share widely — so we can face our challenges together, not hide from them.

This toolkit contains:

  • Background to help you understand how we got here
  • Steps to help you build a campaign in your school and community
  • Researched and tested messaging guidance to help you talk about these issues
  • Resources to help you take action, including templates, worksheets, and more

As our movement grows, so will this toolkit. Consider this a living document and expect updates.

Access THE H.E.A.L. Together Toolkit