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We are students; we are parents; we are educators; and, we are all people committed to strong schools and a multiracial democracy. 

We are H.E.A.L. Together (Honest Education Action & Leadership).

We are united in our belief that an honest, accurate, and fully funded public education is fundamental to building a just, multiracial democracy – a society in which everyone can thrive with power and purpose.

We condemn the attacks on our educators teaching the reality of our history–the good and the bad–and how it informs our present and future. We recognize that these attacks, which caricaturize and weaponize “Critical Race Theory,” are a cover for certain politicians to advance a deeply undemocratic agenda that hurts us all - from undermining voting rights to giving mega-corporations tax breaks and plenty more in between. 

We understand that these “anti-woke” attacks are part of a long legacy of “dog whistle politics” in which certain politicians deploy harmful narratives about people of color and other marginalized people in order to deceive, distract, and divide us. It is this legacy that has shredded our social safety net, shrunk public goods and services like schools and parks, and made the super-rich even richer. 

And now, this legacy is bearing out in our schools, robbing students of our history by banning mention of race or any subject deemed “divisive” in the classroom. We see these attacks for what they are: a ploy to win power in upcoming elections; a way to stoke backlash against the momentum generated by massive collective action following the 2020 murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubery, and too many others; and a way to halt progress on addressing systemic racism, by denying it exists or characterizing it as a zero-sum game.

In the face of these attacks on an honest, accurate, and fully funded public education:

We choose courage over fear and ignorance. 

We choose truth, no matter how hard — even in the face of those who attempt to rob us of our history — in order to heal and unite to address our biggest challenges.

We choose each other over the politics of division that seek to cleave us by race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or other identities in order to empower and enrich the wealthy few at the expense of us all.

And, we choose action and solidarity by doing our part to address systemic inequities in our society starting in our own communities, including systemic racial inequities, because we know it benefits us all in the long run.

By signing this pledge, I commit to:

  • Advocating for an honest, accurate, and fully funded public education in my community and across this country;
  • Deepening my own learning about systemic racism and doing my part to address it in my own community;
  • Fighting back against those who would deploy divisive narratives for their own political gain–whether they are harmful narratives about people of color (Black and Indigenous people in particular), immigrants, LGBTQ people, people who are disabled, and other marginalized people; or false narratives about the work of equity, inclusion, and justice;
  • Working to build a just, multiracial, pluralistic democracy so that every person has the freedom to thrive.

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