Hendel Leiva

Manager Of Podcasts and Audio Initiatives


Hendel Leiva is Race Forward’s Manager of Podcasts and Audio Initiatives, and also serves as the Executive Producer for Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast. 

In his expanded role, his ambitions are: 

  • Launching a slate of podcasts for Race Forward and building a thriving podcast network
  • Reimagining and building on the success of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast 
  • Bringing all the latest innovation in audio space to the organization’s work

Hendel began his career as an independent podcast host, producer, and creator, having produced his podcast Immigration MIC since 2015, and was also a producer for the award-winning podcast Latinos Out Loud.

He recently presented his talk “Become Undeniable: Establishing The Bridge Between Production, Career, and Heart” at Podcast Movement 2022 in Dallas, the world’s largest annual gathering of podcasters and the podcast industry.