Hendel Leiva

Community Engagement Specialist

From Brentwood, NY, Hendel built his career on being an advocate for immigrant rights, immigration reform, and is an immigrant integration specialist. His advocacy work began in college through a neighborhood collective called Brentwood Gardens, and is an alumni of immigrant rights organizations Long Island Wins and Define American. He recently premiered and hosts the immigration reform-themed Youtube show The @HendelMedia Project, where he and other passionate immigration activists share their personal experiences, and give their fresh take on local and national immigration news.He is a graduate of the University of Albany, and The John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, graduating with a Master’s In Public Administration in 2012.Hendel’s goal is to always create groundbreaking, innovative, and intersectional work, and create initiatives that inspire, motivate, and engage people from all walks of life. Hendel can be reached on Twitter @HendelMedia