Asma Elhuni

Asma Elhuni is a proud Muslim African Arab immigrant who was born in Libya and came to the US as a child. She has spent her career organizing around issues of immigrant rights, racial justice, economic justice, educational justice and fighting xenophobia, Islamophobia and state sanctioned violence. Asma strives for anti-colonial spiritual practices that require radical love and collaboration to get to collective liberation– we will never be free until we all are free.

Some of her campaigns included changing policies to ensure Muslim women can keep their mandated hijabs on when arrested in Atlanta Georgia. She has also organized around issues of gentrification where she was featured in a documentary at the National Center Civil for Human Rights in Atlanta. As an abolitionist, she has organized to remove police from schools and pushed her town to pass policies that immigrants wouldn’t have ICE called on them when stopped by police. She has also worked on ensuring Muslims understand their rights around the police, FBI, and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). She has also taken part in organizing to change Georgia law to allow undocumented students to go to state colleges.

Before joining Race Forward, Asma served as the Movement Politics Director for Rights & Democracy (RAD) New Hampshire where she organized with movement champion elected officials and helped most impacted communities have access to the decision-making tables. With RAD, Asma has also conducted training on anti-Islamophobia, race/class narrative, rapid response for immigrants being detained by ICE, and political education on a variety of topics. She also helped launch H.E.A.L. Together (Honest Education, Action & Leadership initiative in New Hampshire and looks forward to bringing that experience into her new role as National Lead Organizer.