Racial Justice Tools


What is Systemic Racism? [VIDEOS]

“What Is Systemic Racism?” is an 8-part video series showing how racism shows up in our lives across institutions and society… yes, systemic racism is really a thing.

Beyond Training and the "Skills Gap" cover and subtitle on blue background. Two people standing and one person sitting are laughing. One of the standing people is holding a tablet. The open report with a page including graphics is visible below the cover.


Research and Recommendations for Racially Equitable Communications in Workforce Development

This report provides a broad picture for the field’s leaders and professionals of how the workers they serve are framed in the media coverage of jobs in two expanding, higher wage industries — technology and health care.

Racial Equity Guide to Food Hubs cover and inside pages.


Racial Equity Implementation Guide for Food Hubs

The Racial Equity Implementation guide provides a simple, accessible, and easy-to-read tool to foster conversations that can help food hubs to deepen their racial equity practices.


Racial Equity Readiness Assessment for Workforce Development

This assessment is a guide for workforce development organizations and practitioners to evaluate their programs, operations, and culture in order to identify strength areas and growth opportunities.