Race Forward has a multi-racial and multi-generational staff with extensive expertise and experience in a variety of areas, including strategic research and policy analysis, media advocacy, policy and program development, strategic coaching, curriculum design, educational material production, public presentations and keynote speeches, investigative journalism, community organizing, leadership development and applied technology.

Race Forward offers an array of fee-based services related to advancing racial justice, including:

  • Consultations: Race Forward can assist organizations in problem-solving, goal-setting and strategic planning.
  • Educational Materials and Curriculum Design: Race Forward has extensive experience creating original and specialized educational materials (e.g. toolkits, flyers, fact sheets) and training sessions for organizations and issue campaigns.
  • Investigative Reporting and Media Production: Race Forward can research and develop compelling media stories and create products such as videos, news frames and reports.
  • Organizational Development: Race Forward can provide professional training in various aspects of organizational development.
  • Public Presentations/Keynote Addresses: Race Forward’s staff has been featured as speakers, presenters and keynoters at hundreds of conferences and events.
  • Research and Evaluation: Race Forward conducts research and develops reports on a range of topics such as multiracial formations, immigration, public education and poverty.
  • Strategic Coaching: Race Forward can provide coaching to executive directors and key personnel for ongoing organizational, program and campaign development.
  • Training: Race Forward’s diverse staff can lead interactive trainings tailored to the needs and goals of a wide variety of organizations.

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