The coercive power of the state, including incarceration, fines, and the use of police force, is intended to enforce society’s laws. Yet, many of these laws are systemically racist and are applied in ways that disproportionately harm people of color. This same coercive power is being used to enforce this country’s borders and restrict who is allowed to enter and stay in the country. As a result, communities of color bear the brunt of inequities arising from this country’s deep history of systemic racism.

Our Work

Mass Freedom aims to bridge grassroots movement organizations under a shared vision for community liberation. Building upon decades of work and visionary thinking by activists who have been leading the fight for racial justice, the project focuses on elevating on-the-ground efforts by sharing visions, solutions, and strategies for liberation. 

Mass Freedom brings an abolitionist vision grounded in community-led solutions and driven forward in partnership with leaders in community organizations, local government, policy, research, and narrative change.

In 2022, Mass Freedom launched the Mass Freedom Cohort, a national gathering of grassroots organizers from across the country. Cohort members will develop leadership for the long-term vision of abolition of systems of incarceration and criminalization.

Mass Freedom Our Work