Race Forward Launches Interactive Tool on Race and Gender Employment Inequities

Contact: Rebekah Spicuglia

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“Clocking-In” Features Statistics, Stories, and Solutions for Restaurant, Retail, and Domestic Industries

June 15, 2015 (New York, NY) – Race Forward today announced the launch of “Clocking-In,” an interactive, multimedia tool that highlights racial and gender inequities in the restaurant, retail, and domestic industries. Based on the real life experiences of workers across the United States, “Clocking-In” brings data, stories, and resources to support the collective action for fair treatment at work. “Clocking-In” (clockingin.raceforward.org) was produced by Race Forward in partnership with Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC), Retail Action Project (RWDSU), and National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA).

Race Forward’s “Clocking-In” project shows how people of color and women make up the majority of the low-wage workforce in restaurant, retail, and domestic industries and are disproportionately affected by unfair policies and practices related to wages, hours, mobility, and benefits.

“People of color and women are hit the hardest when they clock into service jobs that don’t allow them to provide for their families,” said Race Forward President Rinku Sen. “These unfair results are often a direct result of implicit racial and gender bias, not a natural consequence or a necessary by-product of capitalism. This needs to be addressed by employers, policy makers, consumers, as well as workers. We have the power to collectively create good jobs for all workers by supporting fair work practices.”

Clocking-In” provides:

  • Data showing racial and gender breakdown of income, poverty levels, and job types from 1980-2012.
  • Examples that show how workers from the restaurant, retail, and domestic sectors who are denied living wages, full benefits, fair schedules, opportunities for advancement are harmed.
  • Action & Resources to end workplace discrimination, ways for workers to get engaged and know their rights, and for consumers to support worker campaigns and take action in their daily lives.

Solutions for racial and gender equity in the workplace are included throughout the "Clocking-In" site and include:

  • Connecting with workers’ organizations ROC United, Retail Action Project, and NDWA to learn about workers' rights, share stories, and advocate for fair treatment at work.
  • Campaigns for increases in minimum wage, paid sick days, pay equity, protections from discrimination, workers’ rights to organize, removing barriers to unionization.
  • Consumer support of ethical businesses that treat workers fairly, noticing workers and working conditions, and bringing potential problems or good practices to the manager’s attention.
  • Sharing “Clocking-In” tool far and wide to raise awareness of racial and gender inequities in the workplace and advance solutions.

Ariel Jacobson, ROC, said, “Clocking-In turns years of ROC's research into a visually engaging and informative experience that we hope will help folks understand how discrimination rears its head throughout the restaurant industry, and ultimately empower restaurant workers to take action, speak up for fair treatment, and reach out to supportive organizations.”

Alicia Garza, NDWA, said, “Clocking-In is an important tool that shows how millions of domestic workers, mostly women of color and immigrant women, are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, yet also chronicles what can happen when workers come together to change their conditions. In a world increasingly dependent on technology, this is also a tool that workers can use to empower themselves to advocate on their own behalf.”

Darrah Sipe, said, "The Retail Action Project (RWDSU) is proud to partner with Race Forward on this groundbreaking initiative that will educate and agitate communities around the multiple forms of discrimination that retail workers face on the shop floor and beyond. By combining workers' voices, data analysis, and concrete action plans, Clocking-In provides unique means of engaging worker and ally audiences in the struggle for justice in the retail industry."

Race Forward’s “Clocking-In” website is clockingin.raceforward.org, and there is a supporting Tumblr clockinginraceforward-blog.tumblr.com for workers to submit their experiences, share success, and upload photos. On Tuesday June 23rd, Race Forward will host a Google Hangout with partner organizations ROC, RAP, and NDWA to introduce #ClockingIn, how to navigate the site, and discuss why the tool is important. There will also be ongoing Facebook and Twitter engagement with @raceforward and hashtag #clockingin, with a Twitter chat the week of July 6th.

For more information or for interview, please contact [email protected].

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