Poverty & Welfare Policy

What is color of poverty?  In the United States, people of color are more likely to be poor.  However, the social safety net is no longer strong enough to catch those who fall through the cracks.  Race Forward understands that to end poverty will require addressing the root causes of it's inequitable distribution.

Racing the Welfare Debate

April 15, 2006

By Gary Delgado. It used to be that we didn't have to do much to smash the racist stereotype about welfare. After listening to some know-it-all drone on about Cadillacs and welfare queens, all we had to do was point out that--uh, incidently, most people on welfare were white, and that would usually shut them up. Full article available on ColorLines here.

Race and Public Policy

April 15, 2006

A project of the Applied Research Center’s. Grass Roots Innovative Policy Program. Edited by
Makani N. Themba.

From Poverty to Punishment

April 15, 2006

How Welfare Reform Punishes the Poor. HOT OFF THE PRESS! Contributions by Leading Experts on Welfare Reform.

Falling through the Cracks

July 15, 2003

How California's CalWORKs Keeps Families Poor. For immediate release. July 14, 2003 contact: Menachem Krajcer (510) 653-3415. CDSS Director Rita Saenz on Notice: Investigate CalWORKs Illegal Activities