Poverty & Welfare Policy

What is color of poverty?  In the United States, people of color are
more likely to be poor.  However, the social safety net is no longer
strong enough to catch those who fall through the cracks.  Race Forward
understands that to end poverty will require addressing the root causes
of it's inequitable distribution.

The False Foundations of Welfare Reform

Apr 16, 2006

This report examines seven principles that laid the groundwork for the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act that ended the government guarantee of welfare assistance to low-income families. The report provides an overview and history of each fallacy used to support welfare reform as well as the actual result of the policies.

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National Conference on Race and Public Policy

Apr 15, 2006

Post-election Conference to Set Strategies for Future of Civil Rights. Available as a PDF download here .

Cruel and Usual Executive Summary

Apr 15, 2006

By Rebecca Gordon. Executive Summary. Women are subject to sexual inquisitions in welfare offices.

Prospecting Among the Poor

Apr 15, 2006

Corporations Prospect for Gold Among the Poor. New Report on the Privatization of Welfare. Report Released, May 8, 2001. Contact: Andre Banks 917-456-7759

Federal Welfare Reform Creates "A Crazy Quilt of Arbitrary Rules"

Apr 15, 2006

New Welfare Survey Reveals Disturbing Trends. Report Released. February 1, 2001. Contact: Andre Banks , 917-456-7759.

Race and Recession: A Special Report Examining How Changes in the Economy Affect People of Color

Apr 15, 2006

State Welfare Programs Violate The Law. New Study Illuminates Recession’s Impact on Workers of Color, Calls on Congress to End Widespread Discrimination in Public Benefits Programs. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Report Released June 20, 2002. CONTACTS: Gina Acebo(510) 653-3415 ext. 338, Menachem Krajcer (510) 653-3415 ext. 304.

"Saved" by the System

Apr 15, 2006

By Akiba Solomon. Why are so many kids of color taken into the child welfare system? Akiba Solomon finds out what happened to one black family. Full article available on ColorLines here

Safety Net Sinking

Apr 15, 2006

By Gordon Hurd, ColorLines Senior Writer. Welfare reform during recession: Discrimination and poor access to education and job training make the hard times harder. Full article available on ColorLines here.

Fighting by the Book

Apr 15, 2006

By Gary Delgado. According to the National Partnership for Women & Families and the Welfare Law Center, people in the welfare-to-work pipeline can look to a whole range of federal laws for protection against various forms of employment discrimination. Full article available on ColorLines here.