Race Forward has focused consistently on establishing a racial justice lens in grantmaking, a task for which the foundation world has had too few guideposts and resources. The need for such benchmarks motivated us to create a clear set of definitions, questions and processes to help foundations assess their internal and external systems not only to support organizations led by people of color, but also to drive resources toward those groups that operate with an analysis likely to generate more systemic and racially just solutions.

Catalytic Change

May 20, 2009

pre_cover_web.jpgCatalytic Change: Lessons Learned from the Racial Justice Grantmaking Assessment. The Applied Research Center (ARC) and the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (PRE) developed the Racial Justice Grantmaking Assessment following ARC’s 2004 publication of Short Changed: Foundation Giving in Communities of Color.

Short Changed

April 15, 2006
Short Changed Cover with negative film image of $100 bills

Foundation Giving and Communities of Color. By Will Pittz and Rinku Sen.