Organizing & Multi-racial Coalitions

As a consciously multi-racial, multi-issue organization, Race Forward highlights and fosters Multi-racial Coalitions that advance racial justice values and strengthen resistance to institutional and structural racism.  From education to incarceration / detention, from health care access to job creation, multi-racial coalitions are critical to the creation of a racially equitable future.

Movement Formations

April 15, 2006

Bi-National Research Project on Social Change Initiatives in the Philippines and the United States. By Francis Calpotura, ARC Visiting Fellow, May 2003.

MultiRacial Formations

April 15, 2006

This 116-page study presents general observations, key lessons, and recommendations on a range of multiracial models and experiences from a hard-fought enviromental alliance between whites and Native Americans, to racial profiling in Northern California, to the interplay between different constituencies of color in campaign coalitions, to the challenges and achievements of the Rainbow Coalition.