Grassroots Organizing and Advocacy

Better Together: Bridging LGBT & Racial Justice

June 8, 2013
bt_carousel.pngThe Better Together initiative combines research, media, and leadership development to advance racial justice and LGBT liberation. Our newest briefing paper, Better Together in the South, looks shares strategies for advancing change in the South and beyond. The program is supported and made possible by a grant from the Arcus Foundation.

Triumph Over Tragedy

August 20, 2009
Cover of report “Triumph over Tragedy: Leadership, Capacity and Needs” A map highlighting Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Building healthy, sustainable and equitable communities, and by extension a strong nation, requires civic and social engagement of community members. Civic and social engagement, in turn, requires leadership to create engagement opportunities and to facilitate it. There are many forms of community leadership, including electoral, nonprofit, associational and informal leadership. All are important. In particular, this report focuses on nonprofit, associational and informal leadership capacity: its successes, its needs and the nature and level of investment indicated to support leadership in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi which can help meet community building goals.