Economy & Green Jobs

Race Forward explores why communities of color consistently are unemployed, hold less wealth, and are on the brink of poverty. See how we can narrow the racial wealth divide and create good, green jobs for all that can sustain our communities and the environment.

Race Forward is part of environmental movements to challenge the structures that degrade our food, air and water and worsen poverty and discrimination.

Good Food and Good Jobs for All

July 10, 2012
arc_carousel_goodfoods.jpgWho is most impacted by inequity in the food system? Low income people and people of color are disproportionately affected by obesity, food deserts, and wage violations. Our newest report looks at opportunities to create healthy communities by linking the movements for good food and good jobs.

Race To Rebuild

August 19, 2009
Cover of report “The Race to Rebuild: The Color of Opportunity and the Future of New Orleans”

In order to solve a problem, we must know the problem. The problem in the Gulf Coast in August 2005 was not a hurricane. The levees broke and too many people were poor, sick and unable to flee. The “problem” is man-made, and this is good news. We can solve problems we create.

Check the Color Line Income Report

May 20, 2009
The Applied Research Center has released its study, “Check the Color Line - Income Report” in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Social Policy.

Race and Recession Report

May 18, 2009

raceandrecession-still.jpg This report tells the stories of people of color who are disproportionately affected by the recession. It uncovers the root causes and proposes solutions.

Watch the Video. Read the Report. Take action.

The Compact for Racial Justice: Van Jones on Green Economies

November 14, 2008

compact_logo_web.gifIn this essay for Applied Research Center's Compact for Racial Justice, Van Jones writes on the importance of green jobs to the racial justice movement, in terms of environmental impact and economic impact. For more essays, videos, press, and conversations about the Applied Research Center's Compact for Racial Justice, visit

Stimulus Resources Page

November 14, 2008

compact_logo_web.gifApplied Research Center's Terry Keleher provides this list of resources from several organizations, breaking down the politics behind the stimulus bill, and the opportunities in its application. For more essays, videos, press, and conversations about the Applied Research Center's Compact for Racial Justice, visit the Compact for Racial Justice page. Who Gains from the Green Economy?

March 1, 2008's special edition on the green economy March/April 2008, features cover story "Who Gains from the Green Economy?" by Preeti Mangala Shekar and Tram Nguyen. It asks what the racial justice movement and the green jobs movement have to gain from working together.