Race Forward conducts original and broadly accessible research on pressing racial justice issues. Our research is focused on the ways institutional and structural racism leads to inequitable social and economic outcomes in our society and highlighting ways to nurture and strengthen social change. We believe that this requires an explicit, though not exclusive, examination of race and ethnicity and a “race and ...” approach that examines how race compounds and intersects with other societal issues. General questions about Race Forward’s research can be sent to

Reframing Food Hubs

Mar 28, 2018
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Food systems work is about much more than food; it is deeply connected to the myriad of ways communities of color experience injustice. “Reframing Food Hubs” shares stories, insights, lessons, and recommendations for transforming the field of food systems work, dismantling structural inequity, and creating racially equitable food outcomes for all.

Adding Racial Equity to the Menu: An Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Employers

Nov 1, 2017
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This Racial Equity Toolkit provides restaurant management with practical resources for assessing, planning, and implementing steps toward racial equity at your business. There is no step too small: every action you take helps your business thrive and fosters stronger local relationships with your workers and consumers.

Confronting Racial Bias at Work

Nov 10, 2016

Confronting Racial Bias at Work: Challenges and Solutions for 21st Century Employment Discrimination, published by Race Forward, presents findings and recommendations to advance proactive systemic solutions that promote racially equitable outcomes. This report was prepared as a resource for racial and social justice-inclined consumers, worker advocates, particularly in industries with over-representation of women of color, and legal and labor journalists.

Building the We: Healing-Informed Governing for Racial Equity in Salinas

Feb 17, 2017
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[VIDEO] In a context of mounting racial tension, Salinas government and community advocates collaborated to bring about a new initiative aimed at addressing the root causes of inequity and division within the city. "Building the We," published by Race Forward, features key successes and lessons from the local leaders who ushered in a new agenda for the City of Salinas: Healing-Informed Governing for Racial Equity.