Race Forward research conducts cutting edge, original research on pressing racial justice issues. Focusing largely on institutional and structural racism as opposed to personal prejudice, Race Forward believes that a true understanding of social justice issues requires an explicit, though not exclusive, examination of race and ethnicity. Race Forward’s research and public policy agenda is built around the concept of “Race and …” – highlighting the intersection and compounding effects of race and key societal issues.

Race Forward research also demonstrates the best ways to strengthen social change practice by offering policy solutions that address the ways in which racism intersects with other forms of contemporary oppressions.

In addition to conducting independent research initiatives that advance Race Forward’s racial justice agenda, Race Forward also collaborates with allied organizations and funders to develop and disseminate useful research to the racial justice field. Race Forward welcomes inquiries about our research from potential allies and supporters. General questions about Race Forward’s research can be sent to

Moving the Race Conversation Forward


"Moving the Race Conversation Forward" is a report by Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation that aims to reshape and reform the way we talk about race and racism in our country.

Better Together: Bridging LGBT & Racial Justice

bt_carousel.pngThe Better Together initiative combines research, media, and leadership development to advance racial justice and LGBT liberation. Our newest briefing paper, Better Together in the South, looks shares strategies for advancing change in the South and beyond. The program is supported and made possible by a grant from the Arcus Foundation.

Millennials, Activism, and Race... Don't Call Them 'Post-Racial'


Millennials, Activism and Race offers insights about young people's views on activism and race. The “Millennial Generation” (born post-1980, ages 18-30) is the largest, most racially and ethnically diverse generation the US has ever known. What inspires them to engage in social justice work?

Clocking-In: Now in English & Spanish!!


Race Forward’s Clocking-In project is an innovative, interactive, multi-media tool that shows racial and gender inequities in the restaurant, retail, and domestic industries.