Race Forward’s Racial Justice Training series is a collection of interactive sessions for those who wish to sharpen their skills and strategies to address structural racism and advance racial equity.

Building Racial Equity trainings emphasize how to challenge and change institutional racial inequities.

Organizing Racial Equity: Shifting Power is the second training of the series. Participants will build on and strengthen racial equity practices for themselves and their organizations and networks. This training will strengthen participants' collective analysis of power while providing useful tools and framework to shift power within groups, institutions and other formations seeking to advance racial justice in this time.

Decision-Making for Racial Equity is the third training of the series. Participants and colleagues from their organization will get a chance to practice using Race Forward's Racial Equity Decision-making Tool.

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The trainings posted here are our latest offerings for the year. To be the first to know about new Building Racial Equity trainings, please sign up for our newsletter.

Training Components: 

  • Racial Justice Values & Vision
  • Key Concepts: Different Dimensions of Racism / Structural Racism
  • Implicit Bias and Systems Analysis
  • Opportunities to Advance Racial Justice

Participants will:

  • build a clear understanding of key concepts such as racial equity and structural racism
  • learn to talk about race constructively within their organizations and with their constituents
  • gain tools and practices for counteracting racial bias in their work and practices
  • identify opportunities and next steps for applying concepts and strategies to advance racial equity


Race Forward believes that the root of our current conditions is structural racism. Our offering in this moment is to fortify our communities with the tools and analysis we will need to effectively shift power for racial justice within our institutions, policies and lives. This entirely new training is the next step in our Building Racial Equity training series. You must have participated in a foundational Building Racial Equity training in order to access Organizing Racial Equity: Shifting Power.


The Decision-making for Racial Equity (DRE) training engages and guides participants through building an organization-wide racial equity decision-making practice and culture that centers Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander staff and communities. 

Participants are asked to attend with other colleagues from their organization to practice using Race Forward's Racial Equity Decision-making Tool (RED Tool) on an actual “choice point” (a specific decision, e.g. program planning, hiring, budgeting, event planning, service delivery, grant-making, etc.) where applying a racial equity framework could change actions and outcomes. 

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: “Building Racial Equity: Fundamentals” training offered by Race Forward.


Early Bird rates are available in a few locations until a month before the event, only full price tickets are available within a month leading to the event.

For scholarship applications and any questions, email the Building Racial Equity team at [email protected].

For inquiries about training and organizational development, please complete this form. We are doing our best to get back to each request as thoughtfully as possible.

**Disclaimer: By participating in the event you are granting permission for your image and likeness to be filmed, photographed, edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed by Race Forward. No audio will be recorded at anytime.

If you do not wish to be photographed and/or filmed, please inform Race Forward staff onsite or prior to the day of training.