February 15, 2001
(February 1, 2001—Oakland, CA) Today, the Applied Research Center released a new report, Cruel and Usual: How Welfare "Reform" Punishes Poor People, summarizing some unexpected results of welfare reform, as revealed in surveys conducted with 1500 welfare recipients in 13 states.
October 15, 2000
(October 10, 2000—Oakland, CA) School vouchers, such as those mandated by this year’s California Proposition 38, will increase racial inequality in public schools according to a new report from the Applied Research Center. Vouchers: A Trap, Not a Choice argues that the measure would leave the majority of low-income students and children of color in debilitated public schools, while affluent families would receive subsidies for private education.
February 22, 1999
(February 22, 1999—Oakland, CA) Data in the report suggest that such "high stakes" testing merely punishes students for attending substandard schools.