Drop the I-Word Campaign

Race Forward's Drop the I-Word campaign to eliminate use of the word “illegal” was launched in September 2010 as anti-immigrant sentiment and hate crimes against communities of color had increased. Although the Associated Press, USA Today, LA Times, and many other news outlets and journalist associations have dropped the i-word, this racial slur in still being used in the media and everyday language. And as we know, with the political season upon us, words like this can be used to divide and harm. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take the pledge to Drop the I-Word!

Read and share "Let's Drop the I-Word -- Again."

Drop the I-Word Resources:

Toolkit for Activists & Educators
Download includes: Action Guide, Case for Dropping the I-Word, Sample Letter to the Editor, Sample Resolution, Journalist Stylebook Reference Guide, Pledge and Endorsement Form, Historical Background and Legal Implications

For more background on Drop the I-Word, see Part 2 of Race Forward's "Moving the Race Conversation" report, which includes a case study of the campaign. Also, the Drop the I-Word blog archive, with "I Am" stories.

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