Malcolm Shanks

Senior Trainer and Content Manager
Malcolm is a Senior Trainer and Content Manger in the Network Department. They co-facilitate Race Forward racial justice trainings and provide coaching and consulting to organizations and institutions that need support in developing practice that produce racially equitable outcomes and promote racial justice. Prior to coming to Race Forward, Malcolm worked as a political organizer at the National LGBTQ Task Force. He provided support to LGBTQ state and local campaigns, and created training and leadership development opportunities for organizers and activists across many movements around the country, specifically focused on those whose work combined racial, economic, and gender justice agendas. They are deeply committed to creating knowledge that is useful to organizers in social justice and anti-oppression movements; so far this has taken the shape of movement history workshops concentrating on organizing lessons learned from militant and radical leftist movements. When not facilitating Malcolm can usually be found in his home, cooking, reading, sewing, and building their own holistic healing practice.