Maggy Calderon

Oakland Office Associate

Maggy Calderon is originally from Morelia, Michoacán, México. Maggy emigrated to the US at a very young age. She now calls the State of California home. As the first in her immigrant family to be accepted to college, Ms. Calderon attended CCSF where she took general courses while trying to decide on a field of study. In 2005 she moved to San Diego to Study Architecture and Design at Woodbury University. After three years she dropped out due to family struggles. Back in the Bay Area, Maggy enrolled at the Art Academy of San Francisco. Maggy is an artist, amateur photographer, designer, daydreamer, and independent thinker. In her free time she writes for her blog Archietype+ink where she experiments with diverse art techniques. You can find her on social media at archietype_ink