Ariana Flores

GARE Membership Director

Originally from South Texas and a proud Chicana feminist, Ariana has dedicated her professional career to serving and working to empower low-income and racially marginalized communities. She has been a community organizer and advocate in Boston, MA, Seattle, WA, and El Paso, TX, focusing on issues such as wage theft, immigrants’ rights on the job, health care access, and LGBTQ rights. Most recently, Ariana has led a cohort of employees from over 22 departments from the City and County of San Francisco through GARE's learning year curriculum, providing technical assistance to departments aiming to improve delivery of services for residents of color in San Francisco. 

From 2014-2017, Ariana worked as an advocate for asylum seeking youth from Central America in Oakland Unified School District, coordinating legal and social-emotional support services for immigrant youth enrolled in Oakland’s schools. Ariana was also a Ruth Chance Law Fellow working against gender-based discrimination at Equal Rights Advocates in San Francisco. She is an avid cyclist, loves to cook, and is perpetually trying to achieve the right work-life balance.