Office of the President

President of Race Forward and Publisher of Colorlines
Executive Assistant to the Office of the President
Senior Fellow
Photo of Eric Ward against a mustard yellow background
Senior Fellow


Senior Vice President of Programs
Director of Strategic Innovations
Dennis Chin
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President of Programs


Vice President of Research
Julia Sebastian
Manager of Research, Impact Planning and Evaluation
Research Associate
Manager of Survey Research
Policy Research Manager
Narrative Impact Analyst, Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow

Movement and Capacity Building

VP of Movement & Capacity Building
Senior Director of Movement & Capacity Building
Manager of Client Engagement
Senior Training and Content Development Coordinator
Senior Training and Client Engagement Coordinator

Conferences and Convenings

Director of Conferences and Convenings
Conference & Convenings Coordinator

Institutional and Sectoral Change

Dwayne Marsh
Vice President of Institutional and Sectoral Change
GARE California Project Manager
GARE East Regional Project Manager
GARE South Project Manager
Gordon Goodwin
GARE Midwest Project Manager
Project Manager of Racial Equity Here
Maria Martinez
Program Coordinator
Philanthropy Project Director
GARE Project Manager
GARE Membership Director
Network Manager, GARE


Vice President for Policy
Jesse Villalobos
Director of Place-Based Initiatives
Coordinator of Policy & Advocacy
Director of Policy & Strategy

Narrative, Arts, and Culture

Jeff Chang
Vice President of Narrative, Arts and Culture
Manager of Cultural Strategies


Senior Editorial Director, Colorlines
Editorial Director
Colorlines Audience Engagement Manager

Strategic Communications & Public Engagement

Director of Strategic Communications & Public Engagement
Managing Graphic Designer
Web Developer
Senior Digital Strategist
Hendel Leiva
Community Engagement Specialist
Lead Video Producer

Development and Partnerships

Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
Senior Director of Development and Partnerships
Grant Writer/Grants Manager
Senior Director of Development and Partnerships
Development Associate

Finance and Administration

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Randall Oakley
Vice President of Finance & Administration
Oakland Office Associate
Finance Manager
Oksana Wolfe
New York City Office Associate
Finance Associate