Director of Strategic Communications & Public Engagement

Race Forward's mission is to build awareness, solutions, and leadership for racial justice by generating transformative ideas, information, and experiences. We define racial justice as the systematic fair treatment of people of all races, resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for all and we work to advance racial justice through media, research, and leadership development.  

Race Forward has recently formed a strategic alliance with CSI (“Center for Social Inclusion”) to unite in the efforts to further advance racial equity and provide support to communities most impacted by racism. 
Department Functions 
The Department of Strategic Communications & Public Engagement serves to advance the new Race Forward’s goals through (1) distribution and marketing of all projects and campaigns, (2) fostering internal alignment on content, strategy and messaging interdepartmentally, (3) community engagement and growing audience, (4) supporting revenue-generation efforts, (5) advancing digital strategy and effective use of technology and (6) supporting development of narrative shift strategy and training curriculum. 
Key Functions 
The Director of Strategic Communications & Public Engagement will report to the Vice President of Narrative Strategy. The responsibilities of this role include: 
(1) Management of Strategic Communications & Public Engagement staff
• Providing staff with strategic, practical and professional guidance and support in setting priorities and reaching goals and benchmarks. • Department Staff currently includes: Senior Digital Communications Strategist, Senior Media Relations Strategist, Web Developer, Video Producer, Graphic Designer, Communications Associate. 
(2) Distribution and Marketing of all RF programs and projects, including Colorlines, the Facing Race conference, Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) and more • Lead the process of refining and promoting the integrated brand of the merged organizations.
• Develop and execute integrated communications strategy and project plans across all online platforms (web, email, social media, press).
• Coordinate with Colorlines for appropriate, editorially approved ads and content for the site and/or social media.
• Develop and coordinate advertising efforts, paid and unpaid, including program ads and tabling at other conferences.
• Coordinate reprints of content (including paid reprints).
• Vet and coordinate all media interviews, and provide coordination support for public appearances and other speaking engagements.
• Provide training and prepare staff for media interviews, public appearances, meetings, and speaking engagements with messaging and presentation support (ex: PPT slide review).
• Produce collateral materials for marketing and fundraising (ex: annual report, brochure, email), in coordination with Development.
• Support associate publisher with CL awards submissions.
• Support engagement of the board and advisors in marketing efforts
• Develop metrics for evaluation of Race Forward marketing and communications efforts, improving performance, and measuring growth.
• Manage lists and list-building strategy, in coordination with Development and Program Departments. 
(3) Internal Alignment
• Develop and maintain the Race Forward brand guide, and train staff on key organizational messaging.
• Review all products, support project-planning efforts, and offer recommendations for increased interdepartmental alignment, consistency on framing and messaging, and organizational branding.
• Share organizational and project-specific talking points with staff to promote alignment on how we talk about who we are and what we do.
• Notify staff when a major project is released, or when there is a notable Race Forward event, and support increased integration of projects interdepartmentally.
• Support HR/operations internal communications work as needed. 
(4) Community Engagement and Growing Audience
• Leverage all products and activities past and current to engage and grow the RF communities with an emphasis on: social media engagement, email marketing, and developing a vibrant web presence.
• Provide support for overall social media and community engagement efforts, connecting with project teams when possible for Race Forward community.
• Develop and support interdepartmental development of timely new products that can be used for community engagement.
• Monitor news cycle and relevant discussions in the social justice community. Colead rapid response team (with Director of Programs) in reviewing current events, determining when an organizational response is necessary, and managing next steps (i.e. drafting statement, pitching experts available, rereleasing existing products, support production of new products).
• Support interdepartmental project-planning across organization in designing interactive products, more visual storytelling, and other methods of engagement.
• Lead and/or support community engagement efforts that are focused on narrative shift, reframing or language change campaigns.
• Manage requests for organizational sponsorship of external programs/events
• Support sustained organizational engagement with movement allies by providing language, assisting with list-building, and leading mass communications. 
(5) Support Development & RF Business Plan in Revenue Generation • Support Development fundraising appeals and creation of donation pages (ex: graphics, video, content review, scheduling coordination)
• Promote ticket sales – FR, RJLI, other events.
• Negotiate staff speaking engagement fees when possible.
• Create merchandise for sale, and coordinate sales at events and online.
• Support creation of event materials (ex: invitations, signage) and program development and messaging.
• Support list segmenting and data analysis for growing our lists of donors and prospective donors, working closely with Data Analyst.
• Submit regular reports and funder-specific reports as needed with key metrics (ex: media hits, social media analytics, web traffic, report downloads). 
(6) Support Narrative Shift Strategy & Training
• Support development of broad narrative strategy and producing frames/messages for organizational alignment.
• Support research and testing of narrative strategy best practices.
• Support Network on developing and executing narrative training curricula,
• Support in media/communications-related trainings (ex: Just Films, Racial Justice Communications Training)
All Race Forward/CSI staff members are expected to demonstrate excellence in the following: 
• Respect for differences whether racial, ethnic, class, sexual orientation, gender, or class;
• Effective, respectful, and timely communications with supervisors, co-workers, vendors, and others;
• Effective team work and collegiality to ensure the timely, strategic, and successful completion of work;
• Listens effectively, seeks and accepts feedback, and recognizes the importance of stretching oneself, learning, and growing;
• Is an analytic, thoughtful and strategic thinker and actor, considering the mission, objectives, work plans, and goals of CSI's work and demonstrating an understanding of the impact of her/his decisions and behavior on the organization;
• Seeks out advice, counsel, and permission appropriately, but is not afraid to act when it is required to be effective.
Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion deeply values and is committed to diversity. We honor the differences among us, knowing those differences strengthen and enhance not only our experience while at Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion but our community as well. In this way, we can utilize our diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives to create a culture of inclusion. Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion seeks people from all segments of the community for all job levels and actively supports the development of employees for personal growth internal advancement opportunities. 
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability or veteran status. 
Please address inquiries and submit your cover letter, resume, salary requirements, and three references, in PDF format to Include the job title “Director of Strategic Communications & Public Engagement” in the subject line. No phone calls please.